Silver Surfer Serum Usage and Dosage

What is the dosage?

Use one dropper full in 8 ounces of any water-like liquid to achieve 100 ppm chelated silver oxide. One dropper full is about 8 drops of silver surfer serum.

Stir gently before drinking all 8 oz.

Dosage can be adjusted based on preference and usage. For best results start at a lower dosage (half a dropper full in 8 oz, around 50 ppm) and slowly increase, rather than starting at a higher dosage (full dropper in 8 oz, around 100 ppm).   

Do I have to dilute the Silver Surfer?

You must dilute in water. It is highly concentrated, very potent and can potentially stain clothing and skin if direct contact is made. Intended to be diluted with any liquid including water. 

Should I take Silver Surfer every day?

The frequency with which you consume silver surfer is dependent upon your preferences and the intended use of the product. If you do intend to take silver surfer on a daily basis, we suggest you start at a very low dosage.

Is Silver Surfer safe to use every day? Will I turn blue?

What are the different usages of Silver Surfer?

Possible to apply topically but only in diluted form.

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