Equilibrium FAQs

Is the honey wild and organic?

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

How long does one small/large container last?

What are the benefits of biophotonic jars?

The company claims that storing biological substances in Miron jars enhances the biophotonic profile of the stored substances. The reason is that the jars are engineered using color and thickness as the variables to screen out all but the UV-A and far-infrared frequencies from getting through the glass.   They claim that UV-A and far-infrared wavelengths not only do not degrade the contents, they also enhance their energetic qualities the longer the contents stay in the jar. http://fourfoldhealing.myshopify.com/blogs/news/71739333-the-stinky-tomato-test

To keep my dry herbs and loose teas in the kitchen in them ( they are so much fresher this way). keep my coconut oil in the jar ( oils are especially light sensitive , so its crucial to keep any oils that are used in the kitchen in these jars), All my tahini blends are in these jars and precious cosmetics I keep in these jars (the small one I send you is the best for cosmetics) 

How much Ormus is in the Equilibrium?