Silver Healer FAQs

How does the Silver Healer work?

The Silver Healer passes an electric current into silver rods immersed in water, causing silver ions to go into the water. Energy is supplied by a simple USB cord. Our product creates the purest form of colloidal silver, because it only accepts distilled water.

How do I set up my silver healer?

Getting Started / Troubleshooting

My Silver Healer isn't working properly / it seems broken. What do I do?

Please check out our online  Silver Healer Manual.

If the manual doesn't work, please contact us for further troubleshooting.

Do I really need to use distilled water for my Silver Healer? Can't I use normal tap or filtered water?

Distilled water is essential to creating the highest quality colloidal silver. 

How frequently do I need to replace the silver rods?

Replace Silver Healer Rods

What is the return policy and warranty on Silver Healer?

There is a 30 day return policy, and a 1 year full warranty. 

Will Colloidal Silver help me with my health issue / illness / concern?

Check out the benefits of colloidal silver  here. Feel free to search around our website for silver information. If you are looking for specifics, you can contact us to request a consult with Maryam.

Purchase new Silver Healer Rods:

Replacement rods can be purchased from our store by clicking this link.